Monday, May 30, 2005


fuck love.
fuck compromise.
fuck people who say they're going to guard your heart as closely as you guard theirs.
fuck elitism.
fuck disappointment.
fuck people that require a change in order to stay true.
fuck isolation.
fuck manipulation.
fuck emotional terrorism.
fuck caretaking.
fuck the emotionally weak and fuck their insistence that someone must be 'strong' for them.
fuck enabling.
fuck humiliation.
fuck distance.
fuck pain.
fuck doubt.
fuck people that can only recognize their own misery and are blind to the misery of others.

...and fuck you for saying i never fight for anything. i fought for you with my life, but i'm not fighting for you anymore, there's a difference.


Nick said...

Freedom, mate

Roonie said...

Yes, fuck it all. But then don't fuck the art of being able to stand up and fuck it all up all over again, with someone new, of course.