Thursday, April 07, 2005

I need an agent...

...primarily because i have neither the contacts nor the manpower to properly promote my work. in fact, even my research into agents has been daunting! there are so many, and they all have different specifications for query letters and inquiries et cetera but most integral, i have no way of sussing out whether they are legit and good for my work. at any rate, this is an APB: if there is anyone out there that knows of, has contact with, or can suggest a literay agent please let me know. i am hoping to narrow the field a bit through firsthand information because i'm flying a little blind on the matter.

what i currently have to offer:

-an already published 308p fiction novel that is experiencing impressive sales, but needs diehard promotion by someone with contacts to push it to the next level. i am also open to discussion about selling movie rights for script conversion.

-unpublished 100p fiction novella. i would like to shop this novella for publication, it is also a candidate for script conversion.

-ten unpublished short stories, all fiction, on varying subjects, varying genre's, for individual publication or compilation.

-a new fiction novel that is a work in progress, but cohesive/structured enough to shop as a proposed finished project.

-i have an established web presence (seven years and counting that showcases portions of my body of work and i have been published by (placed 1st in their 1998 Chapbook Contest and had two short stories published in issue #2 of Rain Crow Magazine),, and

again, thank you all for sitting through all of that. any and all information/advice/leads are greatly appreciated. please feel free to contact me at with any pertinent information. take care all, i'm off to work on that new novel, it's going to be a barn burner :-)

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