Monday, February 18, 2008

what to say when it's all been said?

i don't care much for that sentiment. i always seem to have SOMETHING to say. tonight, not so much, but these things happen...

the epic rainstorms that ushered in the year were welcomed as an out-stretched hand. a wistful feeling that creativity may wash over me in the next few months and i will get back on the proverbial horse with the writing. the overwhelming grey of los angeles skies and the bitter winds whipping down vine st. served to make smoking a challenge, ad though my thoughts returned to the book often i have yet to commit to her completely. fickle love this writing business.

we return to the studio on march 10th, another ep forthcoming. we have all taken the week off and will retreat into the cave for seven full days. emerging, hopefully in victory, on the seventh day.

i have no further interest in the presidential elections, all evidence of a sea change in policy has withered away under this extremely long campaign season. i may slowly be returning to apathy, and i wish it were not so.

'ulysses' by james joyce is turning out to be a life-saver, i have tried for many months to find an inspiring tezt that i had not already rea from cover to cover hungrily. leave it to the irish to pull me back in...