Tuesday, November 04, 2008

سعيدة للغاية الرابع عشر سنوات لحبي لك

a very happy fourteenth birthday my dear Rene'. when i was turning fourteen (many moons ago) a decade best forgotten was coming to an end. politicians (as they are now) were scrambling to hide the malfeasance of the past administration and to pretend that the agony wrought by american hands was indeed a figment of some foreign imagination. today there stands an opportunity to speak with a single voice as a country. although i do not blindly support Obama, i do smile broadly at my fellow americans denouncing and pushing into the trash-bin, the last eight years of proto-fascist encroachment. i hope that the day you move past another fourteen years on this planet that this nation willhave moved past its ignorance and apathy and realized the great gift we share, a gift that has been taken away from us and must be taken back "by all means necessary."

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