Sunday, January 13, 2008

saying goodbye and hello in the same restrained breathe...

"Everyday we murder our finest impulses" - Henry Miller

most of you will be coming to this blog for the first time because of my hasty evacuation of both my myspace and facebook accounts. i doubt it is important for me to note why either of these accounts wore on my conscience, if it is, let me know i'm good for elaboration! please feel free to check here for a continuation of creative, autobio, and political regurgitation. i've left IMPEACH up on myspace's servers, after all shouldn't i continue filling Rupert's servers with information directly in opposition to his goals? yes, of course i should. and of course, i can still be reached through the band as well at THEWHIRLINGDERVISH.NET and

i'm still available at, use it, abuse it, do what thou wilt.

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