Friday, March 11, 2005

the silent razor, sideshow freaks, a pub that doesn't even have guinness on tap

incredible, almost no traffic impediments on the way to n. hollywod last night. i'm still a little wary what sort of karmic payback luck of that nature will warrant...c'est la vie. while desperately locating a parking space i recieved my weekly drunken phone call from massachusetts, apparently it's snowing there, poor bastards. sis and i caught otis just outside of the venue and got to chi-chat for a moment, so mission one of two was complete very early on. the venue looked to be a club on most occaisions, laid out like a haunted house with incongruous corners and walkways seemingly leading nowhere. the decor was early-century sideshow complete with bizarro paintings, big-top stripes and a mummy(with a crocodiles' head) encased in glass. no match for the people on hand to see the films match at all. saints be praised a secondary viewing area was setup in the courtyard, so i got to smoke while finally seeing the Silent Razor. bravo otis, job well done! it was worth the wait, i only wished he had the budget to make it longer. as of closing credits, mission two was now complete, we skipped out before The Abominable Dr. Phibes started and shrunk back behind the orange curtain by 11PM. unheard of indeed. Patrick's got the call for a few night-caps and it was the drunken mess i have grown so fond of. it is amazing how intoxicated people get there...actually that's not amazing, their inability to hold their liquor(both literally and figuratively) is amazing. the dive is perfection as far as train-wreck people-watching goes and it is easy to slip into a corner without notice. especially since my level of conversing is many many decibels shy of the norm there(wish someone would shiv the asshole that keeps playing 'friends in low places'...that would have really made my night). a fine evening, mission acomplished, sleep came quickly and completely.

off to play some music, should make day two of the weekend that much sweeter...

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